Landscape Construction Services

You can count on Landscaping by Betacon Construction to not only meet, but exceed all your project needs and requirements.  While each Landscape Construction project is unique, there are a number of standard 'Hard' and 'Soft' elements that are involved in most.
Learn more about the services we provide below, and call us today to discuss you job.

Betacon Landscaping

Driveways & Pathways

Plain, Stamped, Coloured & Composite

Landscaping by Betacon Construction

Paving & Edging

Clay, Stone, Concrete & Permeable


Retaining Walls

Concrete, Rock Face, Pre-Fab & Timber Sleepers

Landscape Construction

On-Site Detention Tanks

In-Situ, Prefab & Above Ground OSD's

Landscape Company

Irrigation Systems

Timer Connected Drip & Sprinkler Systems


Planting & Turf Laying

Soil Prep, Planting, Fertilising & Mulching

Landscape Company

Fencing & Gates

Decorative and Partition Fencing

Landscaping by Betacon Construction

External Lighting

Solar, Low & High Voltage

Landscape Builder

Patios & Pergolas

Timber & Manufactured Steel



Softwood, Hardwood Timber & Composite Materials

Landscape Company

Screens & Awnings

Timber & Manufactured Steel

Rainwater collection tank besides a mode

Rainwater Tanks

Plastic & Steel - In Ground & Above